We have compiled a list of potentially useful links and resources for those hoping to become more involved and gain experience within the wildlife field. Many of our officers have participated in the below resources or something similar so feel free to reach out through our contact page with any questions! Also, be sure to check our home page for new featured posts about current internship or job opportunities!

Internships, Jobs, and Volunteering

Häagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven – Volunteer to support this bee haven right in Davis!

Texas A&M Job Board – Find wildlife jobs, internships, and volunteer work all over the country!

USA Jobs – Search and apply for federal jobs online! We host an annual workshop with one of the major recruiters for USA Jobs to help tailor your resume and application to get the job!

Wildlife Care Association – Volunteer or intern to help care for rehabilitating wildlife including many bird species and small mammals.

Wildlands Studies – Study abroad and gain incredible field skills while earning academic credit!

Other Useful Resources

The Wildlife Society Western Section – The western section encompasses three U.S. states and one U.S. Territory. California, Nevada, Hawaii, and Guam all dedicate their efforts into conservation and wildlife management with over 1000 biologist, ecologists, wildlife managers and students. The western section offers many different workshops and training to help its members stay up to date with current wildlife techniques.

Sacramento-Shasta Chapter of The Wildlife Society – This is the parent chapter of our society, they have informative workshops and certification programs as well as network opportunities with current wildlife professionals. They are FREE to join as a student and they even offer scholarships and grants!

WFC Department – Learn more about events hosted by the major and resources they provide.