If you are interested in joining our club, we recommend coming out to one of our general meetings (which occur at the beginning of each quarter) or one of our events to find out if the club is the right fit for you! Then, to join you just need to join our email list and pay dues. We do not have a requirement of event participation or attendance at meetings to be an active member; you can be as involved as you choose to be!


Join our Email List

Contact an officer to be put on our mailing list and receive weekly updates about what’s happening with TWS!


Pay Dues

Dues for our student chapter are $10, which covers your membership for the full school year. Contributing helps us organize events, offer funding to send students to conferences, arrange workshops, plan hiking trips, and much more!
In addition, paid members receive higher priority when it comes to events with limited space. You can pay dues online through PayPal, through Venmo, or directly with an officer.